What’s it like living in a luxury condo in downtown St. Petersburg

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In this article, you’ll learn how to determine if downtown living is right for you in St. Pete, Florida.

Living in a luxury condo in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, will always bring you chic places to discover and the convenience of accessibility. Deciding to move to St. Pete might be the best life-changing choice you’ll ever make. While moving is never easy, we have created this article for you to use as a resource when making the big decision.

St. Pete, Florida, is turning into a hotspot for reputable professionals, established businessmen and women, and ambitious entrepreneurs. In fact, St. Petersburg is named one of the top 20 best places to live and visit by Coastal Living magazine. Plus, when moving here, you won’t be alone. According to the latest research, nearly 4,000 people have been relocating to St. Pete in recent years.

Have you ever considered being a part of this 4,000 and moving to St. Petersburg? If you are still deciding, then continue reading to learn what’s it like living in a luxury condo in downtown St. Pete.

Living in a Luxury Condo in Downtown St. Petersburg:

  1. New Places to Discover

Moving to a new area is exhilarating. After all, there are so many novel places to discover, exclusively in downtown St. Pete. The newest hotspot in downtown St. Pete is the 26-acre St. Pete Pier recreation area. The St. Pete Pier hosts regular events and is the perfect place to take your family for some open-air entertainment.

If fine-dining is your passion, you may want to visit The Library. The Library is a state-of-the-art restaurant within Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. This upscale eatery serves brunch, lunch, dinner, and has a fully-developed coffee bar and beverage specials. The Library was created in a collaborative effort by one of Tampa’s most popular restaurant concepts, the Oxford Exchange in partnership with the hospital.

There is also a new museum underway called the Museum of American Arts and Crafts Movement. This multi-story atrium will have 40,000 square feet of gallery space, a library, theater, graphic studio, and restaurant.

St. Pete is always progressing with new development projects that will benefit its residents and visitors.

  1. Private Airport Just Blocks Away

Not only are there always fresh places popping up in downtown St. Petersburg, but there is also a private airport right on the water, just blocks away from The Julia. The Albert Whitted Airport is owned and operated by the City of St. Pete and provides convenient access by air to the city’s business district and community.

The Airport also provides various aviation services, including aircraft fueling, aircraft storage and parking, flight training, aircraft charter and rentals, aircraft and helicopter maintenance, detailing, pilot supplies, and more. So, whether you have a private jet or you’re fascinated by taking lessons, The Albert Whitted Airport is your go-to air station.

  1. Popular Hub for Bike Enthusiasts

Biking around town is a commonly shared hobby amongst St. Petersburg’s residents. In fact, St. Pete has more than 40 miles of bicycle trails, 130 miles of bike lanes, and earned the city the status of Silver-Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. Don’t leave your bike behind when moving because you’ll want it living in downtown St. Pete.

When cycling in the sunny climate of downtown St. Pete, you’ll notice terra-cotta planters along your bike lane. These are strategically placed as a buffer between your pleasant ride and the nearby traffic. We suggest you explore your new city on your bike to absorb your new community on foot, or should we say on wheels?

When cruising around your friendly neighborhood, you ought to check out Vinoy Park. Vinoy Park is named after the Vinoy Park Hotel, just adjacent to the park. The Park is only a 3-minute bike ride from The Julia and features waterfront views, paved trails, and hosts regular events like the St. Pete Pier.

To recap, you’ll enjoy living in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, because of the flourishing new businesses, the convenience of a private airport, and effortless accessibility. If you partake in biking, love checking out new local businesses, and can see yourself using the private airport, then call St. Pete your new home.

Contact us if you’re interested in moving into a new, luxury condo in St. Pete. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and give you more information about our new luxury building, The Julia.


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