St. Pete Districts: 7 to explore for new residents

Image of St. Pete Districts: 7 to explore for new residents

St. Petersburg, Florida, is divided into a collection of unique districts. Each of St. Pete’s districts contain unique restaurants, shops, and art galleries. These districts are what give St. Pete its unique vibe. It’s no wonder St Petersburg was voted a recent top 10 places to live by Cond’e Nast Traveler.

If you’re considering moving to St. Pete soon, you should learn about these intriguing districts that set St. Pete apart from the rest of the greater Tampa Bay area. Continue reading about St. Pete districts…

7 St. Pete Districts:

  1. Waterfront Museum District

The Julia is located in the Waterfront Museum District. This district is not only home to The Julia, but also to fashionable dining options, independent galleries, and renowned museums. The iconic Salvador Dali Museum, the St. Petersburg Museum of History, Renaissance Vinoy Resort’s History Gallery, and the Chihuly Gallery, are all located in the Waterfront Museum District. This district is also home to The Mahaffey Theater.

Envision walking gallery to gallery or to the farmers market on a crisp sunny morning with your loved one by your side. As you appreciate the moment while taking in the beauty of the artworks and enjoy a beautiful day. Enjoy an al-fresco lunch at local favorite, Red Mesa Cantina, or plan a picnic in Pioneer Park. Museums, eateries, and parks all in one centralized location, is what makes the Waterfront Museum District one of our favorites.

  1. Central Arts District

The Central Arts District is similar to the Waterfront Museum District. Both feature independent art studios and galleries. In addition, the Central Arts District is located just southwest of the Waterfront District and is home to the Morean Arts Center, Morean Glass Studio & Hot Shop, Arts Lofts, and Studio@620 Florida Craft Art.

  1. Grand Central District

The Grand Central District also features a blend of museums and galleries such as the Imagine Museum. Also, this district has antique stores, specialty retail, and Florida’s largest new and used bookstore, Haslam’s.

  1. The Edge District

The Edge District is not only award-winning, but also features a vibrant and unique offering for collectors of art. There are seven blocks in this district with beautiful historic buildings, 16 restaurants, a microbrewery, and many large outdoor murals. The Edge District features a large number of local breweries and distilleries. It’s a great place to take guests to the area for a taste of local flair.

  1. Warehouse Arts District

The Warehouse Arts District was originally named for the warehouses and light manufacturing it housed. Now, it’s used for artists who need space for large works or heavy equipment. If you like to watch the artistic process, you can often observe artists in their studio as they create. The Warehouse Arts District often stays open later on the weekends for Art Walks.

  1. Deuces Live District

One of St. Pete’s newest districts is the Deuces Live District. This district is still emerging. The district will focus heavily on African American heritage and culture. This district, like many of the others, will feature galleries and restaurants. For example, a few to add to your list for exploration include the Uniquely Original Art Gallery, the Carter G. Woodson African American Museum, and Chief’s Creole Café. 

  1. MLK North District

The MLK North District is another emerging and newer district. It is located just northwest of downtown St. Pete. This district has locally owned retail shops, small businesses and you guessed it, galleries as well. The MLK North District is home to the Jon Hair Monumental Sculpture, Bloom Art Center, and the Heart Gallery.

Above all, are you looking to move to St. Petersburg, Florida? Contact us if you’re interested in owning a luxury condo in the Waterfront Museum District or have any questions about other St. Pete’s districts.


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